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    Ten years ago, I graduated from university and decided to pursue a career in international trade. Having grown up in China, I had never ventured abroad and harbored a deep curiosity about the cultural customs and natural landscapes of various countries and regions worldwide. Through my work in international trade, I forged friendships with people from diverse backgrounds and had the opportunity to explore different countries, immersing myself in their exotic customs and cultures. Back in China, I developed close relationships with many foreign clients, fostering mutual assistance, learning, and personal growth.


    Before transitioning to my current role as a lawyer, I often helped foreign acquaintances by facilitating connections with Chinese companies and verifying their credentials. Eventually, I established my own export trading company and successfully passed the Chinese judicial examination to become a licensed lawyer in China. Consequently, I began receiving inquiries from an increasing number of foreign businessmen seeking advice on Chinese legal matters. Among the most common issues were breaches of contract by Chinese companies, subpar quality of goods and services, and instances of fraud resulting in substantial losses for foreign clients. Additionally, disputes between foreign companies and freight forwarders or shipping companies over maritime contracts were not uncommon.


    Over time, I realized that many of these losses could have been prevented with proper due diligence conducted before entering into contracts and making payments. International business presents a myriad of complex challenges spanning trade agreements, shipping and transportation, financial transactions, international settlements, and after-sales services. Failures at any stage of the process can lead to significant financial setbacks. To address these challenges, our team, comprised mainly of seasoned lawyers and international trade experts with diverse backgrounds, offers comprehensive due diligence services. Our goal is to empower international business professionals with the insights needed to protect their interests and foster successful partnerships.

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    Our Lawyer Team

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    Our Lawyer Team

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